Competitive advantage delivered

We help our customers differentiate from their competitors in a new way

Renewable lignin-based phenol–formaldehyde (LPF) resins have significant advantages when it comes to performance, supply security, costs and future potential. Lignin-based phenolic resins are the new normal in the phenolic resin industry.


We provide our tightly quality controlled UPM BioPivaTM lignin in combination with our proprietary, industrially proven resin technology to resin producers and their customers worldwide. Our solution covers all types of plywood, impregnation and mineral wool.

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions for specific production conditions and customer requirements. This enables our customers to achieve sustainable competitive advantage - now and in the future.

Lignin based phenolic resins are about to become the new normal in the phenolic resin industry. We relentlessly work with new resin generations which provide even greater opportunities for the future.


Why choose our lignin solution for the resin industry?



Less formaldehyde

Reduced CO2 emissions:

Reliable performance

Less harmful

Cost efficiency


Breakthroughs in lignin value chain in cooperation with Prefere Resins