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Innovative biochemicals open up new sustainable opportunities for businesses and brands.

Accelerating the transformation of the chemicals industry

UPM is a global leader of the bio-based forest industry with a history dating back over 100 years. Our extensive knowledge and know-how of sustainably sourced renewable wood biomass is the starting point of our business. We see versatile wood-based biochemicals as the next natural step in the evolution of wood usage. 


Wood-based renewable biochemicals offer sustainable and competitive high-quality solutions for replacing fossil-based raw materials. Our responsibly sourced renewable lignin is already in use across various industries and applications.  

Following five years of extensive technology development and piloting, we’re currently evaluating the potential of a new-to-the-world biorefinery that would convert hardwood from sustainably managed forests into renewable glycols and lignin. 


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Innovating for a future that is less reliant on fossil raw materials