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Lignin is a 100% bio-based substance that can be found in the cell walls of all plants and especially trees. UPM BioPiva™ lignin is a versatile natural polymer, verifiably non-toxic and responsible sourced raw material. Lignin plays an important role in the natural carbon cycle by binding atmospheric carbon dioxide and serving as a long-term carbon storage. It will transform the sustainability performance of your products and help you radically improve your CO₂ footprint - bio-based lignin is a natural winner.


We offer a cost effective and tightly quality controlled range of sustainable lignin products for numerous applications from industrial to everyday items. Moreover, we continuously support our customers in implementing lignin-based raw materials and finding the right lignin type for each individual process. This includes both formulation support as well as all aspects of lignin storing, handling and safety.

Constantly high quality
UPM BioPiva™ lignin meets the highest purity requirements.
100% Renewable
Replacing fossil raw materials
Safe to use and handle

UPM BioPiva product family

Thanks to its polymeric structure, lignin naturally features strength and adhesive properties. UPM BioPiva™ lignin products allow highest level of performance without compromising product features.  

Tightly quality-controlled lignin raw material UPM BioPiva™ combines our in-depth process and polymer chemistry know-how resulting in versatile resin products and formulations. 


UPM BioPiva™ meets the highest quality requirements

UPM BioPiva™ lignin is a 100% bio-based, natural polymer with high purity and consistent product quality; lignin content higher than 95wt%, and a residual ash content of less than 2wt%. This is ensured by tight product specifications and quality control schemes in place. 

Safe in use, easy to handle

UPM BioPiva™ lignin products are verifiably non-toxic and therefore safe to use and handle. The products are in the form of brown powder and delivered in big bags ranging from 500kg to 1200kg. Our technical service team is happy to help with all your questions related to product safety, handling and use of the products. 


UPM BioPiva lignin - Natural. Renewable. Certified Biobased


How to order? 

UPM BioPiva™ lignin products are sold worldwide and available at industrial scale in big bags. Would you like to make a purchase inquiry or need help selecting the best product for your business?

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How to get samples? 

Our webstore offers online ordering for small size orders from 1 kg to 10 kg. A user registration is required before ordering.