Lignin solutions to exceed your expectations

Bioinnovations with outstanding performance

Together with our partners, we have developed a rigorously tested portfolio of bio-based lignin solutions. From replacing phenol in phenolic-type resins to formulating waterproofing coatings, bio-based lignin is a natural winner.

We offer a cost effective and tightly quality controlled range of sustainable lignin products on numerous applications from industrial  to everyday items.  Moreover, we continuously support our customers in implementing lignin-based raw materials and finding the right lignin type for each individual process. This includes both formulation support as well as all aspects of lignin storing, handling and safety.


UPM BioPiva product family

Thanks to its polymeric structure, lignin naturally features strength and adhesive properties. UPM’s lignin-based products allow highest level of performance without compromising product features. 

After intense research and development, bio-based lignin now for example partially replaces fossil-based phenol at UPM Plywood, leading plywood supplier in Europe.

Tightly quality-controlled lignin raw material UPM BioPiva™ combines our in-depth process and polymer chemistry know-how resulting in versatile resin products and formulations.