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Lignin offers an opportunity for whole industries to increase the amount of renewable materials in their products and take significant steps towards sustainability.


Renewable, environmentally-sound lignin is primarily used as a replacement for chemicals from petroleum-based feedstock.

Replacing fossil-based raw materials with lignin helps industries to reduce their environmental impact and increase sustainability in a safe, cost-efficient way. Our lignin solutions for industries such as phenolic resins, adhesives, plastics and agro, meet industry requirements while helping your product stand out in the market.

Use of lignin increases the share of renewable raw materials in end products and helps companies to provide their customers unique and more sustainable products.

UPM offers a selection of various grades of lignin and provides customer-specific solutions for a broad range of lignin applications. Compared to many fossil-based alternatives, UPM BioPiva lignin products have significantly lower carbon footprint. Our lignin experts can help you choose and implement the best lignin solution to meet your business and performance requirements.

We in UPM Biochemicals are constantly working to find new uses for lignin and to tailor them for your needs.  


Tailored solutions for your needs

Today, we are in a position to offer a tried and tested, cost-effective, portfolio of lignin-products for several industrial end-uses such as wood panels, composites, plastics, insulation, agriculture, and as raw material for resins and binders. And the possibilities keep on growing.

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions for specific production conditions and customer requirements based on our lignin expertise and application knowhow. This enables our customers to achieve sustainable competitive advantage - now and in the future.

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