• Lignin solutions


Our sustainable lignin solutions are tailored to your needs

High-quality lignin turns into tomorrow’s solutions

Lignin provides unique business opportunities through sustainability and innovation. It is our mission to make our customers more successful by designing and implementing lignin-based solutions in a range of industries and applications, globally.

We make sure that our customers can rely on UPM Lignin to meet highest quality standards, consistently.

Replace fossil raw materials

Renewable and responsibly sourced lignin reduces dependency on fossil raw materials and maximize renewable content of your products.

High performing solutions tailored to your needs

Benefit from the highest levels of product performance and tailor-made solutions for specific end-uses


What makes UPM Lignin solutions sustainable?

We offer our customers ways to replace fossil raw materials with renewable alternatives and reduce their environmental footprint.

From sustainably managed forests

100% Renewable

Non-toxic to users and nature

Alternative to fossil materials

Low carbon footprint

No food or feed competition


BIOFORE CASE: Lignin is a versatile biomaterial for a future beyond fossils