Benefit from the ease of use of renewable wood-based glycols


Moving forward with sustainable biochemicals business


UPM has developed an advanced concept for the production of renewable glycols. We will invest in an industrial scale biorefinery to convert solid wood into next generation biochemicals, such as bio-monoethylene glycol (BioMEG) and bio-monopropylene glycol (BioMPG). 

Our high-quality glycols will be ready to be converted into various industrial products and everyday consumer goods. Replacing fossil-based products with renewable glycols supports the circular economy and allows our customers to redefine their sustainability targets.


Targeting sustainable performance

Switching made easy

UPM's renewable glycols act exactly like their oil-based counterparts. Therefore they integrate seamlessly into existing manufacturing and recycling processes.

Highest quality

UPM's renewable glycols target the highest industrial quality standards: fiber-grade MEG and industrial-grade MPG.

Improved carbon footprint

Wood biomass from sustainably managed forests is a source of renewable carbon to replace fossil feedstocks.

Customer proximity

Proximity to the European chemicals industry helps to keep transportation distances short and ecological.

Versatile industrial applications