A new category of renewable glycols

Glycols are a mainstay in chemistry. An everyday product. Proven and tested in countless end-use applications for more than 100 years. The main problem with today's glycols: they are made from fossil raw materials, mainly oil.

It's time to kiss fossil glycols good bye and innovate your brand with fully sustainable, renewable MEG and MPG made from locally sourced and invariably certified wood in Germany.

They are the only truly sustainable, radically CO₂ optimized alternative with exactly the same performance attributes and full recycleability. A premium commodity - enabling a fossil-free future for materials.


Versatile industrial applications

UPM BioPura™ renewable MEG

A truly sustainable alternative for the production of renewable PET, polyesters and industrial liquids. The key to taking consumer brands in automotive, textiles, food and packaging to CO₂ neutrality.

BioPura™ renewable MEG

UPM renewable MPG

A truly sustainable alternative for the production of carrier liquids. The key to offering a renewable and sustainable generation of cosmetics, detergents, deicing fluids and resins.


Addressing all requirements of sustainable brands!

Sustainable Drop-In Solution!

UPM renewable glycols have exactly the same properties as current, fossil based glycols. They can be integrated in existing production processes and work in all existing recycling processes - a true drop-in solution with maximum sustainability as a value add.

Highest Quality!

UPMs renewable glycols are produced and tested to meet highest purity and quality standards: fibre-grade MEG and industrial-grade MPG.

Towards Zero CO₂ Footprint!

Industrial hardwood from sustainably managed and certified forests is the source of renewable carbon in our glycols and enables CO₂ neutrality.

Local value chains!

Our glycols are produced entirely in regional value chains in Germany ensuring maximum supply security, a water-proof chain of custody and proximity to the European chemical industry.


Sustainability heroes at UPM Biochemicals: Marvin Strüfing


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