Climate change, raw material scarcity, regulatory pressure, and consumer preferences for
sustainable products are critical drivers for replacing fossil-based materials with innovative, renewable, and sustainable products.


Regulatory Challenges 

The European Union (EU) has set a binding obligation to become greenhouse gas (GHG) neutral by 2050 with its most recent climate law. The EU’s 2030 reduction targets have been increased from 40% to at least 55% compared to 1990 levels, putting additional pressure on the automotive industry to reduce further their CO₂ emissions per kilometres driven.


UPM’s RFF Fillers can partially or fully replace traditional functional fillers in virtually all rubber, thermoplastic elastomers and, plastic parts in the automotive industry. In close cooperation with leading OEM’s, compounders, and converters, RFF fillers have been successfully qualified for automotive profiles, coolant hoses, and precision sealings, as well as compartment plastics used in the car engine. Further product development activities are ongoing with leading market players in the field of material solutions.


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