Performance profile of RFF grades

Based on its specific surface area ranging from 10 m²/g – 40 m²/g, UPM’s RFF falls into the category of semi-reinforcing functional fillers. Due to the polar nature of its surface, RFFs show a strong interaction and reinforcement in polar rubbers, like NBR, AEM, ACM, and FKM. In non-polar rubbers, like EPDM, SBR, or NR, typically lower levels of reinforcement are achieved in direct comparison to traditional functional fillers with similar specific surface areas. Various compounding approaches are available for obtaining RFF-based compounds with similar rubber performance. Our Technical Support Team will assist you in the compound optimization.

Currently, UPM has three grades to offer with a different specific surface area between 10m2/g and 40m2/g. There is ongoing development to expand the product range shortly.



RFF is available in pellet (granulate) format. RFF should be stored in a clean, dry space away from exposure to high temperatures, open flames. Pelletized RFF is much easier to handle due to significantly better flow and conveying properties. RFF is available in big bags (2m3) and low melting PE bags (EVA) ranging from 5kg to 20kg.