UPM Solargo 900

UPM Solargo™ 900
Biobased microbial biostimulant

The components of UPM Solargo™ 900 provide a source for polyphenols and humic acids together with biostimulating Trichoderma fungi.

This significantly aids plant growth by improving the quality of soil microbiome.​

Use of UPM Solargo 900 helps in reduction of fertilizer use in early growth phases.

UPM Solargo™ 900


Application method

Carefully mix the granules in growth substrate, ​spread in seeding soil or add along cultivation rows

Crops Dose kg/ha Indications
In the sowing soil
Open field crops (grain crops) 20 kg in the sowing soil Also in association with other treatments
Open field horticulture 20 kg in the sowing soil  
Fruit plants, vine and olive 10–15 kg to repeat twice Along the rows at the beginning of the vegetative recovery, repeat at the beginning of flowering
Preparation of sowing beds or transplant substrates (horticultural and nurseries) 50 to 500 g/m³ substrate Carefully mix UPM Solargo™900 with the substrate

Reduce carbon

Substitute carbon intensive nitrogen with natural product


Reduces leaching of nutrients

nitrogen use

Increased growth with less nitrogen

Improve soil fertility in long term

Increase healthy microbiota and carbon resources in soil