UPM Solargo growth promoter products improve crop quality and performance of soil

Novel biobased biostimulants provide scientifically proven benefits for plants and soil


UPM Solargo™ products make micronutrients more available for plants and enable plants to use nitrogen more efficiently. UPM Solargo™ products have been shown to increase crop yield and quality.

UPM Solargo™ soil improvers help plants make the best use of nutrients and water by increasing root growth. This helps plants to tolerate environmental stress.

UPM Solargo™ biostimulants are a long-term solution for sustainable agriculture.


Why Choose UPM Solargo Biostimulants


Enhances the plant's natural immune defense from the earliest vegetative stages

Trichoderma spores in UPM Solargo 900 are proven to be beneficial for the growth of plants from the initial phases

Strengthens the root system with mycorrhiza

​UPM Solargo grow stronger roots for plants to provide stress tolerance during drought

Provides natural and beneficial microbes to the soil

​Trichoderma in UPM Solargo 900 enables plants to make most of naturally available Nitrogen

Improves availability of soil nutrients and water

The polyphenolic part of UPM Solargo chelates nutrients and keeps them available for the plants

Improves crop quality and production performance of soil

​All components in UPM Solargo products help the plants grow stronger. This is shown also in the improved quality of crops


UPM Solargo Biostimulant Products

UPM Solargo™ 100

UPM Solargo 100

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UPM Solargo™ 900

UPM Solargo 900

Learn more about UPM Solargo™ 900
UPM Solargo™ 900 WDG

UPM Solargo 900 WDG

Learn more about UPM Solargo™ 900 WDG