UPM Solargo 900 WDG

UPM Solargo™ 900 WDG
Biobased plant biostimulant

UPM Solargo™ 900 WDG is water-dispersing granulate which significantly promotes plant growth by boosting the uptake of nutrients.

The components of UPM Solargo™ 900 provide a source for polyphenols and humic acids together with biostimulating Trichoderma fungi.

The formulation protects all the properties and characteristics of these components.

UPM Solargo™ 900 WDG


Application method


Crops Dose kg/ha Indications
Through fertigation
Fruit plants, vine and olive 5 kg/ha during the cultivation period Repeat at least 5–6 times every 15 days
Greenhouse horticulture 5 kg/ha during the cultivation period Repeat 3–4 times every 10 day
Open field horticulture 5 kg/ha during the cultivation period Repeat 4 times after every 15 days
Open field crops (grain crops) 5 kg/ha in the first growing period Repeat 3–4 times
In case of mixing with other fertilizers, a small compatibility check should be carried out before solubilization.

For fertigation: dilute 1kg of UPM Solargo™ 900 WDG in at least 100 liters of water (minimum dilution 1%)


Reduce carbon

Substitute carbon intensive nitrogen with natural product


Reduces leaching of nutrients

nitrogen use

Increased growth with less nitrogen

Improve soil fertility
in long term

Increase healthy microbiota and carbon resources in soil