UPM Solargo100

UPM Solargo™100 
Liquid for improved root growth

UPM Solargo™100 significantly aids plants by enhancing root growth and thereby increasing water retention in soil.

This product is a natural extract containing plant-based polyphenols from renewable sources. The active fraction is composed of precursors of humic and fulvic acids. The formulation protects all the properties and characteristics of these components.

UPM Solargo™100


Application method

Application Dose kg/ha Indications
Fertigation 10-20 l Dilute in at least 1000-2000 l of water​ 

Fortnightly up to 3-4 treatments
Leaf fertilization 10-20 l Post-flowering period, weekly
With pesticides 5-7 l Dilute in 500-700 l of water

Check compatibility, do not mix in concentrated form

Stimulates root elongation and water retaining capacity

Improves availability of soil nutrients​

Applied through the growing season

From sustainable and renewable sources