A completely new generation of MEG – renewable and sustainable

Monoethylene glycols (MEG) are organic chemical compounds used as raw materials in multiple commercial and manufacturing applications. While conventional glycols are made from oil or natural gas, UPM BioPura™ renewable monoethylene glycol (BioMEG) is produced from carbon-neutral feedstocks. UPM BioPura™ BioMEG is set to transform the materials industry and redefine sustainability targets worldwide.

Our UPM BioPura™ is a so called second generation biochemical. We rely on sustainably sourced hardwood as our feedstock which is taken from sustainably managed, certified forests and produced on land not competing with agricultural uses. This also means that our renewable MEG does not require additional land being turned into agricultural use, it does not require fertilizing, the use of pesticides or irrigation.

Replacing fossil-based products with a renewable alternative

UPM BioPura™ renewable monoethylene glycols (BioMEG) are innovative, straightforward and uncompromisingly sustainable, these drop-in products are designed to replace fossil-based alternatives quickly and easily. UPM BioPura™ has a vast range of applications across multiple industries, making it highly competitive and versatile.

With outstanding performance across all existing recycling processes, UPM BioPura™ BioMEG contributes to a fully sustainable circular economy. It will transform the sustainability performance of your products and help you radically improve your brand’s CO₂ footprint.


Easy of use with unique value add!

Significantly reduced CO₂ footprint!

UPM BioPura™ is made of CO₂ negative renewable feedstock and has a significantly reduced CO₂ footprint compared to fossil-based MEG. Our aim is to offer CO₂ negative UPM BioPura™ in the mid-term.

100% renewable carbon.

We use sustainably sourced, certified wood from local forests, offering a renewable, future proof source of carbon. Highest environmental and social standards are inbuilt to our wood sourcing approach.

Sustainable drop-in!

UPM BioPura™ is a like for like replacement for fossil-based MEG - working in all established processes from production through recycling. Tested performance with strong value add.

Vegan and GMO-free!

Consumer choice dictates brands to embrace increasingly higher sustainability standards. UPM BioPura™ is certified vegan and halal and due to its natural renewable feedstock guaranteed GMO-free.


UPM BioPura™ - enabling sustainable brands in multiple end-uses

UPM BioPura™ can be used in all MEG applications - without any compromise and with an additional value add: increased sustainability performance. Our renewable MEG is the start of a new category of sustainable chemicals, especially relevant for consumer brands targeting superior sustainability performance. Some of the most relevant end-uses are PET, Polyester and coolants for battery and engine cars.


UPM BioPura™ – key features

UPM BioPura™ is a renewable, drop-in solution that acts as a like-for-like replacement for fossil-based MEG.

• climate neutral feedstocks
• easy to implement
• broad range of applications
• highest industrial standards
• significant reduction of your CO₂ footprint

If you’re interested in exploring the technology and finding out how renewable glycols can transform your business, please contact our team.

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