RFF is a unique product that needs deeper technical understanding from compound design, material processing to final article testing. Our technical experts are here to shape your ideas and requirements to facilitate a ready-to-use solution. A team of well-qualified and experienced people in rubber and plastics technology is available to render customers' services. We guide the selection of appropriate RFF grades, performance optimization, and best-suited processing parameters for various applications. We aim to provide the highest service levels to the customers, from RFF implementation to after-sales support. Our Application Development Centre at Leuna is equipped with state-of-the-art compound processing & testing capabilities. 


Testing Device

Compound Property

Mooney Viscometer

  • Viscosity
  • Pre-Vulcanization Characteristics
  • Stress Relaxation

Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA)

  • Vulcanization Characteristics
  • Viscoelastic Properties before, during and after Cure

Temperature Scanning Stress Relaxation (TSSR) Meter

Crosslinking Density

Compression Set

Retaining of Elastic Properties after prolonged Action of Compressive Stresses



Tensile Tester

Stress-Strain Properties


Specific Gravity

Resistivity Meter

DC Resistance or Conductance

Rotary Drum Abrasion Tester

esistance against Frictional Loss

Rebound Tester

Damping Energy

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)

Viscoelastic Properties from -70°C to +250°C


Filler Dispersion in the Size Range from 1-250 μm