RFF Application Sustainability


The sustainability features of UPM BioMotionTM RFF have a transformative impact on the products and applications RFF they are used in. Even if used in compounds with multiple additional materials, RFF can significantly improve their environmental performance. To illustrate, how environmental performance and technical performance go hand in hand, we show the application benefits of RFF at the example of hoses.

Hoses need to fulfill highest requirements in terms of durability and resistance against transported media under use conditions. Failures like swelling, leakage or burst can cause severe damages for people, machinery, or nature.

UPM's BioMotionTM RFF offer the perfect solution to significantly lower CO2 footprint, weight and fossil content of all kinds of hoses without compromising final performance. For example, full replacement of Carbon Black by UPM BioMotionTM in fuel hoses made of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) lowers the final compound's global warming potential by 23%, reduces its material density by 6%, and introduces a renewable content of 25%.

The example shows that RFF are a real option for improving rubber and plastics products’ and applications’ overall environmental footprint while at the same time safeguarding or even improving their technical performance.