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Sustainable bio-based lignin leads the way

Lignin is a 100% bio-based substance that can be found in the cell walls of all plants and especially trees. It can make up to 30% of the entire biomass. In nature, it strengthens and protects plants. We see lignin as an abundant, cost-effective, and versatile alternative to fossil raw materials. It is our mission to make our customers more successful by designing and implementing lignin-based solutions in a range of industries and applications, globally.


High-quality lignin turns into tomorrow’s solutions

Lignin is a versatile biomaterial that helps to reduce dependency on fossil-based raw materials as we’re moving from disposable to sustainable. That’s why lignin has already found its way into a rapidly growing number of industrial applications such as resins, adhesives, bio-plastics, and polyurethanes. And the possibilities keep on growing.

Replace fossil raw materials

Renewable and responsibly sourced lignin reduces dependency on fossil raw materials.

Cost competitiveness & performance

Benefit from cost savings while ensuring the highest levels of product performance.

Leverage our application expertise

UPM develops new tailor-made solutions for specific end-uses in collaboration with its partners.



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