UAL x UPM – Prototype a fossil-free future together


UPM is partnering with Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, to explore and unlock the power of renewable circularity. 


This partnership aims to trigger a reappraisal of how multiple industries can make the urgent shift to renewable circularity – using less, sourcing from renewable sources, and ensuring products remain in the value chain after their useful life.

To kick off the project, a team of 50 Product and Industrial Design students from Central Saint Martins have been tasked to reimagine a range of everyday products that can be made from renewable, circular materials.

These products will be exhibited at Design Transforms as part of the London Design Festival 2023.


The 14 exceptional judges working with us

As part of our partnership with Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London, the designs were evaluated by a diverse panel of expert judges for their design quality, contribution to renewable circularity, commercial viability and their potential to disrupt conventional thinking in multiple industries. Meet the 14 judges who played a significant role in shaping this revolutionary showcase.


Let our finalists inspire you on how our biochemicals can be integrated into revolutionary products and designs


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