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Which factors attract young employees to UPM in Finland?

Young professionals appreciate the possibilities for development and good team spirit at UPM. Iiro Hautakangas get excited by large-scale unit processes, and Anette Hämäläinen is drawn to the global field of work.

For several years now, UPM has fared well in Universum's research in Finland, ranking the employers that students find the most attractive. This year, technical students placed UPM in 6th position and business students in position 24.

”A sought-after and highly valued workplace – that is what the forest industry is in Lappeenranta among students. I myself fell for the forest industry and large unit processes at my UPM summer job last year, says Iiro Hautakangas.

Hautakangas studies chemical engineering at LUT University in Lappeenranta. This summer, he is at the Kymi pulp mill in development studying for example ways to decrease the consumption of wood.

Anette Hämäläinen gravitated to UPM because of international operations.

"Global environment and versatile work in my own area of expertise. They were the most important factors for me."

Hämäläinen started in UPM's Graduate Programme last year after graduating as a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) from the Aalto University. Her home base is HR in the UPM Biorefining business area, but as a part of the programme, she is getting acquainted with different aspects of HR by visiting other teams and projects.

Money is not always the answer

Universum's research shows that a growing number of students want a responsible employer. It is important to Anette Hämäläinen, too.

Responsibility in the broadest sense and innovation. Responsibility towards employees is important in particular. Here each employee is valued, and everyone has a chance to develop.
Anette Hämäläinen

”You need to have a good feeling. For me, it is important that the team plays well together, and everyone welcomes newcomers," Hautakangas describes.

The young professionals thank the development possibilities at UPM. Meaningful and versatile work, good team spirit, and chances to develop are important criteria for both in choosing an employer.

"Competitive pay is important, too, but I'm not worried about that. If you do your job well, you will be rewarded," says Hämäläinen.

Next steps are clear

Hautakangas has set his target at being in a manager in the summers to come. Before that, he needs to make it through this summer first.

"The manager set my goals high, so I get to challenge myself. For example, if I find a solution to decrease unnecessary wood consumption by one percent, then the savings for the whole mill would in principle cover my summer salary many times over," says Hautakangas.

Hämäläinen is open about her future. During her time in the Graduate programme, it has become clear to her just how versatile field HR is.

"Now I really hope that in the autumn I could go on job rotation abroad, to Uruguay or Poland. I am optimistic about the future – UPM provides numerous possibilities to grow and develop professionally," says Hämäläinen.


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