The world needs better solutions – UPM's game-changing Renewable Functional Fillers (RFF) go live at the world's biggest rubber industry fair

Press Release 23.6.2022 11:00 EEST

UPM BioMotion™ Renewable Functional Fillers (RFF), recently acknowledged as the most important sustainability project in the elastomer and rubber industry will go live at the Nuremberg International Rubber Conference DKT from 27-30 June. After a postponement due to Covid, the expert community of the rubber and plastics industry is finally meeting in person at the leading trade fair for the sector. It's the perfect time to introduce UPM's new product – the next best thing to transform the rubber industry.

UPM BioMotion™ RFF were initially launched in late 2021. These fillers are more than just a product; they mark a solution for urgent industry needs. Renewable Functional Fillers can be a real game-changer, as they will enable a radical step forward in the sustainability performance of rubber and plastic products in various end-uses.

The two materials that RFF can replace best are carbon black and precipitated silica. Both are highly CO2-intensive in production, non-renewable and challenging to recycle. According to UPM's calculations, RFF have a 90%-plus better CO2-footprint than industrial carbon black. RFF help to reduce the content of both carbon black and silica drastically. An additional solid value add is weight savings, especially for the automotive industry, where lower weight means better mileage, lower costs and a further reduction of CO2 emissions.

UPM Biochemicals' joint product development of RFF with leading manufacturers in the automotive industry and companies from the mechanical rubber goods, flooring and footwear sectors has progressed excellently. Developing customized solutions inspires a new generation of sustainable consumer products. UPM BioMotion™ Renewable Functional Fillers will be produced in Leuna, Germany, where UPM is building a highly modern, first-of-its-kind biorefinery, a EUR 750 million investment. The biorefinery is scheduled to start up by the end of 2023.

"Climate change, raw material scarcity, regulatory requirements, and consumer preference for environmentally friendly products are key drivers to replace fossil-based materials with renewable alternatives in the rubber and plastics industry. UPM BioMotion™ Renewable Functional Fillers (RFF) offer a sustainable alternative to industrial carbon black and precipitated silica, two highly CO2-intensive products," says Florian Diehl, Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing of Renewable Functional Fillers in UPM Biochemicals.

UPM Biochemicals is presenting RFF product samples, testimonials from partners, and excellent sustainability aspects of the product at its stand at the DKT trade fair. A unique attraction point, the UPM Biofore Car, showcases the company's approach to decarbonizing in practice. Several UPM renewable wood-based products have been utilized in the car's materials – introducing the vast potential of innovative forest industries. With UPM BioMotion™ Renewable Functional Fillers, rubber profiles, sealing strips, bumpers, and much more can now be produced in a sustainable way.

UPM BioMotionTM Renewable Functional Fillers are made from responsibly sourced hardwood from regional, sustainably managed forests. The unique properties of UPM's RFF help to reduce the ecological footprint of rubber and plastics applications considerably: a 90% lower carbon footprint than standard carbon black, at least 25% lighter than conventional fillers – more lightweight means higher material efficiency and better fuel economy – and free of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), making them a safe solution to produce rubber and plastics products that come into contact with humans.

Renewable Functional Fillers are a strong manifestation of UPM's transformation, reaching out beyond pulp and paper and extending its value chains into new innovative businesses – such as biochemicals - fully in line with the corporate mission "we create a future beyond fossils".

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