RFF Features


Benefits of RFF

  • RFF helps to reduce the CO₂ footprint of rubber and plastics products.
  • RFF enables rubber and plastics producers to increase the renewable raw materials contained in their products significantly.
  • Weight saving up to 25% in final rubber products compared to rubber-products produced with fossil-based and highly CO₂ intensive functional fillers.
  • RFF is free of carcinogenic PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), making it a safe solution to produce products in contact with human skin. 
  • Allows the use of lightweight alloys without risk of electrochemical corrosion/degradation for longer service life in various end products.
  • RFF meets the highest purity requirements and is ideally suited for top-in-class extrusion performance.
  • Surface functionalities of RFF allow chemical bonding to the polymer matrices, further expanding the range of possible application

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