Lignin-based solutions – for a more sustainable future

Together with our partners, UPM has developed a rigorously tested portfolio of bio-based lignin solutions. From replacing phenol in phenolic-type resins to formulating waterproofing coatings, bio-based lignin is a natural winner.

UPM offers a cost effective and tightly quality controlled range of sustainable lignin products on numerous applications from industrial  to everyday items. Our lignin solutions include everything from pulp production’s by-product kraft lignin to biorefined lignin extracted from novel wood disintegration process.

We continuously work in supporting our customers to implement lignin-based raw materials and to find the right lignin type for each individual process. This includes both formulation support as well as all aspects of lignin storing, handling, and safety.

Tailor-made lignin solutions for numerous end-uses such as:

  • rubber products
  • animal feed
  • carbon fibers
  • wood- and plywood-based building materials and composites
  • adhesives and resins
  • polymer foams
  • chemicals. 

​Bio-innovations with outstanding performance

Thanks to its polymeric structure, lignin naturally features strength and adhesive properties. UPM’s lignin-based products allow highest level of performance without compromising product features.

After intense research and development, bio-based lignin now for example partially replaces fossil-based phenol at UPM Plywood, leading plywood supplier in Europe.

Tightly quality-controlled lignin raw material UPM BioPiva™ combines our in-depth process know-how and lignin production, resulting in low-pH high-solids resin products and formulations.

UPM BioPiva™ 100
Purified softwood kraft lignin powder.

UPM BioPiva™ 190
Dried softwood kraft lignin, solids content 90%.

UPM BioPiva™ 199
Dried softwood kraft lignin, solids content 99%.

​WISA BioBond – new bonding technology based on lignin

Plywood resins is a significant application area for lignin-based phenolic resins. UPM’s WISA BioBond is a sustainable solution that replaces fossil-based phenol with bio-based lignin in plywood adhesives. This bio-innovation is the perfect showpiece of UPM’s Biofore thinking in action.

​We also support our customers in other application areas such as resins for non-plywood wood products, resins for paper impregnation, mineral-wool resins, epoxy resin systems and polyurethanes.

The underlying proprietary and patented resin technology is developed by UPM Biochemicals and now available to selected resin-partners across the globe. 

​Why switch from fossil-based phenol to bio-based ligning?

  • Renewable and sustainable alternative to fossil-based raw materials
  • High technical performance
  • Significant cost savings
  • Safer working environment with non-toxic ingredients
  • Limitless potential in multiple application areas

​Get your lignin sample now

Boost your R&D activities and get lignin samples online at or contact our Lignin team and suggest ways to modify lignin to your specific needs. We love a challenge.