Lignin – a vast source of opportunities for innovative minds

Lignin based UPM BioPiva 100

​Lignin is an ideal bio-based substitute for various petro-based products used today.

Now, for the first time, high-quality lignin is commercially available in large quantities, ready to be used in a broad range of applications.

UPM has developed profound know-how and IP regarding the chemistry of lignin from various sources as well as lignin analysis, fractionation, purification, activation, modification, and formulation. Together with our partners we are committed to develop our innovative lignin-based products further.

Lignin works in favor of both environment and economy

Features and benefits of UPM's lignin-based products:

  • 100% bio-based – UPM's lignin-based products are exclusively based on renewable raw materials
  • Excellent performance – stringent quality control and a proprietary activation technology make UPM's lignin-based products reliable and effective
  • Reduced dependency on fossil raw materials – lignin-based products can help to increase security of supply while enabling a smooth transition to renewable raw materials
  • Cost savings – based on their outstanding performance, UPM's lignin-based products can help realize cost savings in a variety of applications;
  • Versatility – lignin can be used in a broad range of applications, ranging from composites, through a broad range of resin systems, to raw material for carbon fibers

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 UPM Lignin Brochure