​From disposable to sustainable


​Lignin is a 100% bio-based, sustainable ingredient and a versatile alternative to fossil-based raw materials. Lignin can be found in the cell walls of plants and trees and is one of the most abundant biopolymers on Earth. Lignin is nature’s own “glue” and an unmatched alternative to fossil-based raw materials like phenol, for example in resins and binders.

High-quality lignin turns into tomorrow’s solutions

Bio-based, non-toxic, sustainably sourced. Lignin is a versatile biomaterial that helps to reduce dependency on fossil raw materials as we are moving from disposable to sustainable. That is why lignin has already found its way into a rapidly growing number of industrial applications such as resins, plastics, phenolics, and polyurethanes. And the possibilities keep on growing.

Nature provides lignin to strengthen plants and to protect them against UV-radiation, oxidation, and fungal and bacterial attack. Our highly functional solutions allow producers to exploit lignin’s inherent properties in a sustainable and competitive way.

Make the most out of biomaterials

Interested in introducing lignin to your products and processes? Together with leading researchers, UPM continues to develop innovative application areas for bio-based lignin. With in-depth understanding on complex processes such as phenolic resins and their industrial applications, we help producers to introduce biomaterials into their portfolio.

UPM makes various types of lignin available globally for further application needs. We provide tightly controlled, high-quality softwood kraft lignin in industrial quantities through our webshop.