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UPM’s GrowDex® hydrogel is a natural, animal free matrix prepared from sustainable sources. It is used to create a three dimensional (3D) micro-environment for a variety of cell culture experiments. Supplied ready to use, GrowDex can be mixed directly with cells and culture media, no additional preparation steps are required. GrowDex is stored and used at room temperature and it can be completely removed by a simple enzymatic step using UPM GrowDase™ enzyme for cell recovery.

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GrowDex® is available in 5 and 10 ml packaging supplied in syringes. Being thixotropic, positive force applied by the syringe plunger will make GrowDex flow easily and graduations on the syringe barrel allows simple, accurate dispensing. Contact us at growdex.sales@upm.com for a quotation or to place an order for larger quantities.

100 103 005 GrowDex® syringe 5.0
100 103 010 GrowDex® syringe 10.0
​100 103 905 ​GrowDex® syringe + GrowDase™ combo pack ​7.5
100 103 305 GrowDex® syringe multipack 3 x 5.0
900 102 002 GrowDase™ enzyme 2.5

GrowDex® is supplied at a working concentration of 1.5%. It is not a concentrate. GrowDex® can be used in concentrations between 0.2-1.5 %, which enables cell culturing on 50-375 wells in a 96-well plate. The amount of GrowDase™ required for cell recovery is dependent on the amount of GrowDex® (cellulose) present in the sample. One GrowDase™ vial (2.5 ml) can degrade 5 ml of GrowDex®.

GrowDex® and GrowDase™products are not being sold or delivered to consumers. Products are intended for research use only and should not be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. For more details, please see the General Sales Conditions of UPM-Kymmene Group for UPM GrowDex® Products (“GSC”).