GrowDex® - guidelines for 3D cell culture use

​GrowDex consists of cellulose nanofibrils dispersed in ultra-pure water. GrowDex is a natural, ready to use hydrogel that mimics the extracellular matrix (ECM), supporting cell growth and differentiation with consistent results. No cross linking step is needed. The product is sterile and can be readily used in various cell culture applications.

Recovering your cells or organoids post culture is a one step process with our GrowDase™ enzyme. GrowDase treatment preserves the 3D structure and does not harm the cells.

GrowDex instructions
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Mix & use

Ready to use GrowDex hydrogel makes 3D cell culture simple. Just mix media, cells and GrowDex together and dispense into your culture vessel and incubate. There are no gelation, cross-linking or temperature sensitive steps required. What could be easier!

Just mix media

Harvest your cells

Recovering your cells or organoids post culture is a one step process. Add our GrowDase™ enzyme to your culture and incubate at 37°C. The enzyme digests the GrowDex leaving your cells in solution for re-plating or downstream processing.

Harvest your cells
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​Culture your cells with confidence

Being a completely xeno-free and tunable hydrogel, GrowDex enables complete control over the culture environment for your cells. The viscosity of GrowDex can be adjusted by diluting to the optimal stiffness, which depends on the cell type being used. Dilution can be made with e.g. cell culture media, PBS, or ultra-pure water. After dilution the cells can be seeded either on top of, or in GrowDex. This flexibility has enabled GrowDex to be used in a wide variety of assays culturing cells from many different sources, such as primary hepatocytes for in vitro drug screening or patient derived cells in a personalized medicine study. Other examples include:

  • 3D organoid formation
  • Hepatocyte toxicity, induction and metabolism
  • Stem cell proliferation and differentiation, ES, iPS & MSCs
  • Tumor cell migration and invasion
  • Neurite outgrowth and network formation
  • Patient specific cells and biopsies
  • Human corneal cells
  • Lung adenocarcinoma
  • Osteoblast and chondrocyte
  • Melanoma
  • Co-culture of various cell types
  • Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering


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GrowDex is supplied in syringes. Being thixotropic, positive force applied by the syringe plunger will make GrowDex flow easily and graduations on the syringe barrel allows simple, accurate dispensing.  See how GrowDex is used as a cell culture matrix.