GrowDex - The natural choice for cell culture


Nature’s solution – a bio-friendly hydrogel extracted from birch and sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests.

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Fantastic speakers and delegates made the 4th Annual Visions for 3D Cell Culture Conference in Helsinki a great success! Make sure to sign up to our quarterly Newletter to receive a summary of all talks after the meeting! Download the Programme.

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​GrowDex® hydrogel - The natural matrix for 3D cell culture

GrowDex is a ready to use hydrogel that mimics the extracellular matrix (ECM), supporting cell growth and differentiation with consistent results. The versatility of GrowDex has seen it used in numerous applications ranging from: 2D and 3D cell culture, spheroid/organoid culture and organ-on-a-chip models, through to drug release studies and 3D printing. Browse our online catalogue for easy ordering and shipping world-wide, or contact us at

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Animal free


Xeno-free with no detectable endotoxins, GrowDex is pH neutral and supplied in a user friendly syringe for convenience and ease of use.

Room temperature stable


Stored, shipped and used at room temperature, this stable hydrogel eliminates the need for temperature control, costly transportation and is ideal for use in liquid handling system for the automation of any cell-based assay.

Ready to use


GrowDex truly is a ready-to-use hydrogel. No cross-linking, no gelation, no sonication or any other steps required prior to use. Just mix with your media and cells, dispense and incubate.

Reproducible lots


Raw material supply, production procedures and quality control checks, to ensure that GrowDex is manufactured reproducibly to the highest standards.



The biocompatible nanofibrillar network allows easy diffusion of small molecules such as nutrients and oxygen supporting the culture of various cell types.

Tunable viscosity


The viscosity ”stiffness” of GrowDex can be tuned by dilution with media. As different cell types thrive in different micro-environments, determining the optimum conditions for your cells is imperative. Being ready to use, dilution curves with GrowDex are quick and easy to prepare.

Microscope & imaging compatible


GrowDex is not auto-fluorescent, is compatible with microscope and cell imaging systems and can be used for brightfield, phase contrast or fluorescence image capture.

One-step cell recovery


GrowDase enzyme allows easy recovery of cells, spheroids or other sample from GrowDex without disrupting or destroying the structure.

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​Not just for cell culture

GrowDex is not limited to 2D and 3D plate-based assays, but it has been used successfully in a number of other areas. Here are a few examples to give you an insight:

Organ-on-a-Chip Models

The thixotropic nature of GrowDex allows the hydrogel to be dispensed into the channels of a microfluidic device. GrowDex is able to retain its structure once in place making it ideal for use with organ-on-a-chip models.

Drug Delivery Vehicle

The biocompatible hydrogel can be mixed with test drug for use in drug release studies.

​Cell Barrier

GrowDex at high concentration can be used to form a barrier preventing cell migration but allowing nutrient, drug or metabolite diffusion.

3D Printing

The interest in 3D printing, especially in regenerative medicine, has called for a reliable raw material with reproducible batch quality. GrowDex has both the physical qualities and supply credentials to support this rapidly growing area.